Chapter 7 is the most common type of Bankruptcy.  A Chapter 7 will eliminate your debt and give you a fresh start.  Chapter 7 can immediately stop garnishments, judgments and creditor harassment.  There can be dangers with Chapter 7; too much income and too many assets can result unanticipated consequences.  Consultations are free; know your options before you have none.   

Attorney Fees and Costs

Attorney Fee

I have no standard fee for Chapter 7 because every case is different.  However, on average, easy cases can be as low at $600.00 and more difficult cases can be as high as $1,500.00.  I can usually determine an accurate fee from one phone conversation or appointment.  The attorney fee needs to be paid in full at the time of filing; I can not be a creditor and your attorney.  If you can not afford the entire attorney fee, you can retain my office with $100.00 and the balance can be paid through a payment plan.  


Filing Fee:  The Court charges $335.00 to file Chapter 7.  Most of my clients pay this fee directly to the Court after filing on an installment agreement over a 4 month period.


Credit Counseling:  You will also need to complete credit counseling prior to filing.  Credit counseling is simple and done online in about 45 minutes.  There are many Court approved credit counseling agencies; most charge approximately $20.00.   

Credit Report:  I pull credit reports on every client.  A single credit report costs $33.00 and a joint report costs $66.00.  This credit report is much more detailed than the free reports advertised on TV and greatly help my ability to offer the best legal advice.